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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Sat Oct 17, 2015 3:17 pm

Server Staff:
Server Owner: Leyf
Super Admin: Conn, DylanB
Admin: Romero, Alucard
Operator: Dovin, Cpt.Jackass
Advisor: Exavere, Greenbishop

1) Do not RDM (Random Death Match). RDM is the killing of a player without reason.

2) Obey the NLR (New Life Rule) When you are killed, you may not return to the area in which you died for 3 minutes. When you are killed, your previous character forgot everything in their past life.

3) NO Social Ignorance: Be respectful of other players, sexualities, religions, and cultures. It is not ignorant to Roleplay as a Nazi. It is ignorant to call another player the N-word.

4) Base Building Rules: Keypads must be next to each fading door, and on both sides, unhindered. Hold time is 3 seconds minimum. You may NOT activate your fading doors using your keyboard. You must use the in-game keypad to open your own doors. You may not build exploitative bases such as Crouch bases, or the Milkcrate trick. If a base seems too good, it probably is. Consult with an admin if you're unsure.

5) Respect the Staff: The NCDRP staff are here to assist you at all turns. Please be respectful to our volunteer staff members as they work hard to make NCDRP what it is.

6) No Prop surfing, climbing, or killing.

7) No Chat or Mic spamming: Be respectful of peoples ears, and the chat log.

8) Do not Metagame: If your friend is shot and killed, and you weren't around to see who did it, your friend is not allowed to tell you over Steam chat who it was. Like the New Life Rule, when you die, you forget.

9) Team Rule: To help your friends in a gun fight, you must be associated with them by using /rpname, or /job. Gangster and Police are both teams. A Thief and Master Thief may both use /job "Blackrock Gang" to signify that they are working together. The following jobs cannot join a Team: Heavy/Gun/Junk Dealers, Hitman.


Crime Rules:

  • Raiding does not have to be announced. Remember, raiding new players and stealing everything they own will likely cause them to leave the server. Please wait 10-15 minutes between raids.
  • You may only mug players for up to 500 dollars. Killing during a mugging should only be done under rare circumstance. Use your fists, or shoot their feet. You may not mug AFK players. Allow players an adequate time to respond to your mugging.

Civil Protection Rules:

  • The Police hierarchy is as followed: Mayor>Police Chief>Investigator>CP Sniper>Civil Protection. You must listen to and obey the commands of your superiors, unless otherwise directed by the Mayor.
  • Do not abuse the battering ram. Destroying bases for no reason is cruel.
  • Do not randomly arrest people.
  • You may not raid/warrant based on printer sparks, but you may investigate.
  • All raid evidence MUST be brought to a superior.
  • Utilize the /write command to issue citations that must be paid.

Hitman Rules:

  • You must issue a Hit using /write. The note must remain in the hitman's pocket. The note must include the name of the person you want killed, and the reason.
  • The reason for a hit must have RP value. You cannot hire a hit for no reason. If somebody kills you, you cannot hire a hit on them because of NLR. If a Police arrests you, you may hire a hitman on him once you are free from jail.
  • The minimum hit price is $1000.

Void Rules:

  • The Void jobs retain their power by offering blood to Ryzljxabris.
  • Similar to Hitmen, the Voids can be hired to complete kills, raids, or robberies, but at a price...
  • Use /advert to announce your Prayer to your unholy god. The Prayer should vaguely detail what crime is about to take place, including any names of those who may be affected.
  • Voids are not allowed to use firearms. You are not allowed to steal.
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Server Rules
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