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 About NCDRP: N3rd C4ve DarkRP

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PostSubject: About NCDRP: N3rd C4ve DarkRP   Fri Oct 16, 2015 6:07 pm

A Brief History
In 2009, a great server called DDRP once stood as the 6th most popular Garry's Mod server. This was in the beginnings of the Garry's Mods life as a Steam game. Eventually, DDRP had a falling out, and the Administration became an issue that drove players away. Shortly after, a group of friends who had met on that once great server decided to start their own community, and heavily enforce the rules which made us quit DDRP in the first place. With Leyf and Fillious, two brothers who were hosting the server, N3rd C4ve DarkRP was formed along with an amazing team of 11 administrators. NCDRP ran for 2 and a half years and shut down in early 2013 after reaching a Steam Group of 300 members and climbing to the 26th most popular Garry's Mod server.

This time, nearly 4 years later, NCDRP is back with more knowledge and experience than ever.
What makes NCDRP...NCDRP?
Our servers #1 priority is making sure that our administration is kind, helpful, understanding, and contributes to both the essence of role playing, and the community itself. We teach our Admins how to properly handle situations so that you and your friends are never getting falsely ban, or kicked from the game. Our staff are encouraged to use their privileges such as tools and money to contribute to the on-going adventure that is a role playing server.

Our LUA Coder, DylanB, has been with us since nearly the start. He is the mastermind behind all of NCDRPs custom addons. Another great thing we aim for is keeping Addons interesting and fun, but keeping the download time to a near minimum. We are big fans of recycling Gmod/Hl2/CSS models and sounds to bring addons that you've never seen to the table. If we aren't immediately set apart from other RP servers, we're not doing our jobs.
Server Information

Server Owner: Leyf
Super Admin: Conn, DylanB
Admin: Romero
Operator: Dovin, Alucard
Advisor: Vertex, Exavere, Greenbishop

Server IP:
Steam Group:

User Ranks:
1) User: The entry-level rank. Every player begins here.
2) Respected: Your presence on NCDRP is recognized. You have access to a few new tools and jobs.
3) Trusted: You are seen as a valued, regular player of NCDRP. You have access to new tools and jobs.
3.5) Donator: You have donated $10 or more to the NCDRP community. You are given all Donator benefits, as shown below.
4) Elite: The non-official staff members. Elites are often the runner-ups to the Advisor position. Elites have minor administration capabilities.
Donator Perks
If you decide that NCDRP is way worth your time and money, then we encourage you to consider donating to this adventure. A one-time donation of $10 or more will give you access to all of the donator perks listed below. 100% of your donation will go towards NCDRP. We have never once made profit from our server, and likely never will.

- $100,000 in-game cash
- Access to multiple Donator-Only jobs such as the Investigator and Hawker
- Credibility in the community
- Decreased likelihood of receiving a ban (You CAN still be ban! Follow the rules!)
- Increased likelihood of being promoted (Only slightly)
- Access to extra tools

Donate Here!:
Current Donators: Thanks Everyone!

Simmons, Leyf, Romero, Alucard, Shenanigans
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About NCDRP: N3rd C4ve DarkRP
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