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 Why Complaints?

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PostSubject: Why Complaints?   Wed Oct 14, 2015 7:33 pm

This idea came from ShockCore Gaming, its a fantastic way to solve disputes and below is a quote from ParaShock (Owner) stating why he chose Complaints as a system

I've been told many times that we have a shitload amount of complaints in our complaints section. As reflected from other communities and players, having "this many complaints on our forums" is a bad reputation.

However, I'd like to solve the disputes regarding how our complaints system actually works.

We keep our complaints on the forums instead of dishing it out on steam chat because:
- It gives both parties the capability to respond and with good amounts of time, rather than having steam chats that end in a one-party biased accusation.
- It gives our administration a documented source that can always be referred back to, rather than a regular steam chat forgotten after say: 2 weeks.
- It brings out the complaints to the public so that witnesses and others may reflect upon the accusations and bring evidence or talks to the table that have not been thought of before.
- It helps me with evaluating administrators and posting watch if such complaints were to occur.
- It makes sure that the reputation of others isn't tarnished.

Complaint Process:
Private complaints will start as LOCKED PUBLIC COMPLAINTS, posted by the SAs to notify everyone that the complaint has started. These complaints will receive status updates. All super admins will be added into the complaints section for this acceptance and denial aswell.

1. Confirming that all people are accounted for.
1b. Select non-biased judge whom has no connections to arguing parties.
2. Rebuttal of initial complaint.
3. Continual debate between two or more parties until a conclusion is met.
4. Agree on a conclusion, debate whether it is acceptable between deciding individuals.
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Why Complaints?
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