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PostSubject: Z̓̂̓̅̆ͪ͌̏͊ͧ̔̃̂̔̇ͦ͂͞͏̭̰̰̤̱̘̹̫͈̹̗̫͇̭͘͠ͅA̴̧̧̯̮͓͓͖̯̜̯̱̭͈̳̺͇̯̳̓̽ͫ̐Ģ̸̵͙̗̘̻̬̼̮̙̜̲ͩͩͬ͊̓̓͋̉ͤ͋̾ͤ̈͋L̸ͭ͂͆̒̅̏ͩ͌̚̕͝͏̞̖͖̟̘͇́Ǫ̷̶̘̼̯̣̦̟̙̙̞̲̒̈̓̓̒ͫͭ̓ͨ̈͑̐͘͞   Fri Nov 06, 2015 11:40 pm

Accept the Lord of Darkness as your savior,
Bathnal Nathra, de era
Allow the purity of evil to guide you,
Anail Nathrak, Dorthnei Diednei,
Anail Nathrak, de era umbrana

"Run! We'll never be able to take him down! Our bullets aren't working!"

Zoey screamed this as she ran through the forest outside of City 64. It was raining heavily and her feet splashed in every puddle she passed. She gripped her five-seven tightly as she unloaded the magazine and reloaded another in. Behind Zoey were her two allies Markus and Joanna. Both of them sprinting as fast as they could panting with each step as they both fired behind their backs with their p225 pistols. Thunder roared up above as lightning illuminated the sky for a brief moment. They continued their sprint hoping to reach the city walls soon.

"Fuck, Zoey I can't keep this up. I feel like my lungs are about to cave in..."

Joanna barely got these words out as she gasped for air. As she was sprinting she suddenly fell flat on her face into the wet grass. Her legs had given out from all the running. Joanna gripped the soaked ground and tried to push herself up. Her fingernails dug into the mud as she used every fiber in her body to get up but her legs were completely dead. Markus stopped running and turned around to see Joanna. Joanna did not say a word, she nodded towards Markus. Markus stared at her for a brief moment before nodding and taking off behind Zoey. Foot steps were heard behind Joanna. They were walking slowly, each step sinking into the wet ground. Joanna turned around, flipping onto her back as she readied her pistol and began to unload into the shadows. The flash from the muzzle was the only light she had in the dense and dark forest. After five seconds of firing she heard a noise that mad her gut twist. The sound of an empty clip could send fear down anyone's spine. Joanna began to whisper curse words under her breath as a completely black hand reached out of the darkness. The fingers of this hand wrapped around her neck squeezing tightly as the sound of her muscles, tissue, and bone being crushed could be heard. Joanna was lifted three feet off the ground as her hands wrapped around the wrist of the one grabbing her. Her pistol dropped to the floor as she was gasping for air. A dark, low, and emotionless voice spoke from the shadows.

"Allow the purity of evil to guide you..."

Joanna's eyes shook for a moment with fear as she had foreseen the entity grabbing her. In an instant a knife was drawn from the mysterious figure and plunged right into the gut of Joanna. The sound of fresh flesh being torn open was covered by the rain. Joanna began to gag on her own blood as the figure squeezed tighter on her neck. He ripped the knife out and plunged it again into her gut. Pieces of flesh hung from the wounds and blood began to soak the grass below. The figure ripped the blade out once more and without any effort tossed Joanna to the grass below. Joanna dropped onto her back letting out a cough to unclog her lungs of the blood. Her wounds were bleeding heavily as her right hand gripped them and applied pressure. Tears rolled down her face as the entity bent down. The face of this entity was odd. His face was normal but his facial features were beyond odd. His eyes and mouth were carved into his face. Knife marks could be seen from the constant cutting. His face looked as if a young child had drawn a sad face and went over his drawing numerous times. On his right side of his forehead was a large black horn that was dripping with blood. As he bent down, the entity let out a farewell to his plaything.

"Accept the Lord of Darkness as your savior."

Meanwhile, Markus and Zoey were still sprinting. All they could see up ahead was trees, rain, and darkness. They were unclear how far away from City 64 they were. They could not feel the coldness of the rain, they were on pure adrenaline and fighting to survive. As they continued to sprint, something had occurred; Zoey had suddenly vanished into the darkness. Markus was sprinting behind her but all he could see was her turn right and past a tree and just vanish from sight. Markus stopped sprinting, looking around with fear for Zoey. He knew screaming for her would alert whatever was chasing them. He just looked around without making a peep. But, to no avail she was gone. The darkness grew denser, the rain intensified, and the air became increasing cold. Markus had begun to feel something dripping on his shoulder. He slowly turned around and as he did his face had twisted to disgust. Behind him had been Zoey hanging from a tree branch. Her right arm had been nailed to the tree branch allowing physics to take over; her body dangled from the tree. Her eyes had been hanging from their sockets as blood dripped down them. The skin to her face was completely ripped off and all Markus could see was the muscle behind it. A Frown had been carved into her muscle giving her a disturbing look. Markus began to back away, shaking his head with fear as he could not believe what he was seeing. Tears rolled down his face as his childhood crush had been killed before him. As he backed up, he suddenly felt a painful stinging in his spin. He could not move, his body was not responding to his mind. A hand reached out from the darkness and wrapped itself around Markus' mouth and nose. Markus began to shake with fear, trying to do whatever he could to break free. Suddenly, whatever had gripped him threw him down onto the wet grass. Markus fell face first into it and was unable to move at all. Behind him was the entity that had killed Joanna. The knife being clenched in his right hand as fresh blood dripped from it. The entity brought the knife up to it's mouth; a long tongue emerged from it and licked the blade clean. Markus barely saw this out of the blurry corner of his eye. The entity had stabbed Markus directly in the spine, paralyzing his entire body permanently. The entity bent down next to Markus, his disturbing eyes staring into Markus' as his frown twisted itself up into a sinister smile. Blood began to pour out of the entities mouth as he cackled wildly. Markus closed his eyes and began to breathe heavily as he had felt his death coming. The entity began to speak to Markus.

"Remember my name, Z̓̂̓̅̆ͪ͌̏͊ͧ̔̃̂̔̇ͦ͂͞͏̭̰̰̤̱̘̹̫͈̹̗̫͇̭͘͠ͅA̴̧̧̯̮͓͓͖̯̜̯̱̭͈̳̺͇̯̳̓̽ͫ̐Ģ̸̵͙̗̘̻̬̼̮̙̜̲ͩͩͬ͊̓̓͋̉ͤ͋̾ͤ̈͋L̸ͭ͂͆̒̅̏ͩ͌̚̕͝͏̞̖͖̟̘͇́Ǫ̷̶̘̼̯̣̦̟̙̙̞̲̒̈̓̓̒ͫͭ̓ͨ̈͑̐͘͞ . You have twenty four hours to find me a sacrifice or else I will come for you."

After the entity said his name and gave Markus his warning, lightning struck up above. After it struck, he vanished into the thin air. Four hours later Markus was discovered by the CP and brought back to City 64. The bodies of his friends were never found and no evidence proved that entity ever existed. Doctors state that Markus had been hallucinating and tripped, smashing his back into a tree stump and paralyzing himself. Twenty four hours later Markus was found dead in his apartment. His head had been completely blown off with a 9MM revolver. His brain splashed onto the wall and floor along with pieces of his skull and flesh. According to reports, Markus had committed suicide as there were no signs of anyone breaking and entering or anyone inflicting harm to Markus but himself. To this day, no one knows if the story of this entity are real. Many claim he stalks City 64. The only proof was this passage Markus left in his diary depicting what he believed had gone on. Perhaps one day, someone can catch this entity.

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