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 On that Nostalgia Grind..

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PostSubject: On that Nostalgia Grind..   Thu Oct 29, 2015 9:23 am

I know it can't only be just me who is excited to bring back some older characters from DDRP and NCDRP! It's been a solid 3-4 years since I've role played as any of my most memorable characters. It might be a bit hard to jump back into their swing, but a few have stuck pretty well such as Tetrenov Muigechev and Mathias Gesetz ^^

Though.. now would be a great time to start new characters as well! It was really fun being Tetrenov on DDRP because I felt like a staff member even when I wasn't. Russian Exports was high-class crime back in the day! It's hard to do that as a Superadmin now.. Even if you do successfully kick someones ass in DarkRP, it's easy to call abuse Sad

Maybe I'll just have to get creative with how direct or indirect Tetrenov's influence will be... hmmmm
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On that Nostalgia Grind..
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